Hoole Church of England School currently has ten Governors, drawn from the church family, local community, parents and staff, with a range of business and professional skills. The Governing Body is chaired by Jolene Weaver. The Vice Chair of Governors is Charlotte Edwards.


What is the role of the Governing body?

We are here to challenge and support the school. Our role can be summarised in three key responsibilities:

Assist with the setting of the school vision, ethos and strategic direction

Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent

Our role involves setting objectives, agreeing policies, priorities, and regularly monitoring and reviewing these matters to check that they are being achieved. The Governing Body’s role in relation to the teaching staff has been described as that of a “critical friend”; we are here to challenge develop and support the school. We do not get involved in the day to day running of the School; this is the responsibility of the school staff.

Many of the Governors have areas of expertise (finance, law, personnel etc) and we provide guidance to the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, as well as questioning, seeking information and making suggestions.


How often does the Board of Governors meet?


The full board of governors meets half termly for a formal meeting. An informal meeting is also held once a term.

During meetings, presentations are received from the Senior Leadership Team and leaders of all levels across the school to ensure that governors are provided with accurate, relevant and appropriate information to enable them to hold school leaders to account for the performance of the school.

In addition to formal meetings, governors often meet with relevant staff in school to enable them to maintain an overview of their area of responsibility. This ensures that governors are well placed to ask pertinent, supportive and challenging questions in order to enable to school to drive forward.


Portfolios of Responsibility


Governors are assigned to areas of responsibility aligned to their expertise and professional skills.


Portfolios of responsibility are as follows:

Area of Responsibility

Assigned Governor

Staff Member

Safeguarding including Attendance

Andrew Avery

Laura Sprowson

Church & Faith & Community Links

 Christian Distinctiveness & SIAMS

Sam Durdant-Hollomby

Craig Gaudion

Rachel Inns

Pupil Attainment & Progress

Christine Darwen

Clare Watling

Ros Flanders

Laura Sprowson

School Improvement Priority 1


Julie Tynegate

Vicky Reeve

Deborah Watkins-Smith

Stacey Tasker

School Improvement Priority 2


Jolene Weaver

Charlotte Edwards

Taryn Rennocks

Danielle Hildebrandt

School Improvement Priority 3

(Curriculum Accessibility & Ambition)

Andy Avery

Amanda Roberts

Theo Heath

Clare Watling

Strategic Development -Early Years 

Julie Tynegate

Fiona Jeffs


Charlotte Edwards

Kara Newton

Inclusion (SEND & Disadvantaged)

Amanda Roberts

Laura Sprowson

Whistleblowing Jolene Weaver Rosalind Flanders

Health & Safety

Charlotte Edwards

Kara Newton

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)  Governor

Andy Avery

Kara Newton

Inclusion - Diversity, Ethnicity & EAL Vicky Reeve

Natalie Carter

Laura Sprowson

Governance Development Jolene Weaver

Rosalind Flanders


Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 14.12.49.png


2021-22 Governors Meetings


 29th September 2021  16.00
 17th November 2021  16.00
 19th January 2022  16.00
 9th March 2022  16.00
 25th May 2022  16.00
 13th July 2022  16.00 


How to contact us

If there is anything you wish to raise with the Governors directly, please just drop us an email to or pop a note in to the School Office.

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