Making Poppies for Remembrance

We have been busy making poppies for our Remembrance Service.

The poppies are made from the base of empty plastic bottles. This base is cut off using a craft knife and a hole is drilled in the centre of the plastic with an electric drill. A stick is then pushed through the hole to provide the stem. Each poppy is sprayed with red paint and a button glued to the stick in the centre making a very effective poppy.

We are very grateful to local businesses including Manor Garage, Made in Italy, Cafe,com and Costa in Hoole who have saved plastic bottles for us to re-use. Thanks also to our school family who have saved plastic bottles and contributed black buttons for the project. 

We are hoping to create our own field of poppies at the front of school as we remember all those who have given so much for the freedoms we enjoy today.

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