At Hoole Church of England Primary School, we aim to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for all our pupils to allow them to learn effectivily and help them maximise their potential. We believe that all bullying behaviour is unacceptable. We expect pupils to feel safe in school and on school-related journeys. We want them to understand issues relating to safety and know how to seek support from school should they feel unsafe.


In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


To celebrate and promote World Kindness Day and Anti-bullying Week, we will be holding a kindness fortnight!


Over the next two weeks, we will be focusing on kindness and generosity. Similar to last year, we will be creating a beautiful display in our school hall that will be filled with the acts of kindness spotted around our school. We are encouraging children to spot others being kind, children to spot staff, staff to spot children and staff to spot staff. We aim to create a giant ‘world of kindness’ on the wall for us all to see and be proud of! We will of course be sharing this with parents and carers on our school website and Facebook page.


On Monday 16th November 2020, we will be holding an ‘Odd Socks Day’ to launch Anti-bullying week. During the week, the children continue their acts of kindness and will take part in an array of tasks centred around our school values. As a school we aim to be respectful, compassionate and friends and tolerant, responsible citizens.

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