Year 6 2019 - 2020

Mrs Stirk

Mrs Stirk

Eurostar Class Teacher

Miss Rennocks

Miss Rennocks

Shinkansen Class Teacher

Procedures for school during lockdown - Summer 2020

Reopening School for Year 6 on 8th June

Whilst we will do our utmost to provide as safe an environment for pupils as we can, we remain in an unprecedented situation.We aim to be very clear and honest about what provision will look like to support families in making an informed choice about their child returning to school.



Children attending school will be organised into groups. Group size will depend on the numbers of children who choose to return to school. However, we will endeavour to remain below or in line with the maximum group size of fifteen pupils recommended by Department for Education guidance. With children of Reception age, you will appreciate that enforcing social distancing is not feasible. However, as far as possible, children will not mix with other pupils based in different groups.


Children will remain in the same group throughout the school day, including during lunchtimes. Groups will be organised by staff who know your children but there is no guarantee that your child will be grouped with classmates they are friendly with. As far as possible, children will not mix with other pupils based in different groups.


Once children are organised into the groups, there will not be opportunity to change groups under any circumstances.


Within groups, we will encourage hand hygiene and positive hygiene practices. We will organise classrooms with desks spaced out appropriately, reinforce key messages and work hard to maintain appropriate distances between pupils.


The classroom environment will feel very different to normal as we have had to reduce the resources available for pupils to engage with. This may feel very different to normal, when we have an array of toys, craft equipment and books for children to access. The resources that are available within the classroom will be cleaned on a daily basis. Children will be allocated individual desks distanced within the classroom space. We will avoid activities were children are seated on the carpet in larger groups.


Year 6 children will be asked to arrive at school at 9am. Their school day will end at 3.30pm.



Miss Rennocks and Mrs Stirk have been in contact with secondary schools to pass on information regarding the pupils joining them at some point in the future. This process would usually be done on a face-to-face model but staff are engaging with the schools online to ensure that they have all of the relevant information they require to secure as smooth a transition as possible at the present time.


End of Term

We are genuinely so sorry that your children and your families will not experience the normal end of primary school celebrations. There will be no shirt signing excitement, end of year production or church service.

As soon as possible in the future, we will arrange a suitable event to thank your children for their contribution and to celebrate their achievements at Hoole. We cannot guarantee when this will be, but we will certainly not forget.


Home Learning

We will continue to sustain home learning via the school website for those children who are either unable to or choose not to attend. Whilst this may be slightly different to the way we have managed this during the school closure for some year groups, we will endeavour to support families with as much as we can.


For queries about work set during the Covid-19 School Closure, please email between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday



During the lockdown, you can access online lessons on these websites

Daily workout sessions with Joe Wicks

Story Time


Welcome to Year 6!

If you are in Eurostar Class, your Class Teacher is Mrs Stirk. If you are in Shinkansen Class, your Class Teacher is Miss Rennocks. Year 6 Classes are supported by Mrs Newell, our Teaching Assistant.



Children will normally receive English and Maths homework (CGP books) on a Friday , which should be completed and returned to school the following Wednesday to be marked. There will be no more than 6 pages which shouldn't take the children more than half an hour to complete. If it does, please come and speak with us. 

If your child is finding any part of it difficult, encourage them to use a dictionary or the internet for help. Alternatively, they can ask their Class Teacher who will be happy to help!



Children will have PE twice a week. Your child will need a full PE kit from the beginning of the academic year. The PE kit should be kept in school on the children’s pegs and will be sent home at the end of every half-term to be washed. Year 6 children also have swimming lessons in the Autumn term. A letter will be sent home at the beginning of the academic year to give details of when they start. Your child will require an appropriate swimming costume, a swimming cap and googles, if needed, and a towel.


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    PM - Eurostar
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Transferring to secondary school

Transferring to secondary school is a critical and exciting stage in your child’s life. Please read CWAC's Guide to Applying for a Secondary School Place for information about when and how to apply.




Please download the curriculum overviews below to see what your child will be learning this term. For more information about the National Curriculum, simply speak with your child's Teacher or visit the National Curriculum website.


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