School Trips

We are incredibly passionate about maximising opportunities to take the children on trips and visits to enhance their learning. Being close to the city centre means that we are uniquely placed to take advantage of an incredibly wide variety of learning opportunities beyond our own school. Children also take advantage of a number of visits further afield. Visits vary from year to year depending on the topics being covered.


We believe that the broader range of experiences that the children have and places that the children visit, the more they increase in confidence and self-belief. Every visit that the children enjoy is utilised as an opportunity to further develop social skills, cultural understanding and language development, alongside the key academic aims of the visit. Class Teachers are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to enrich the curriculum and welcome volunteers to accompany the children in their adventures!


Here are some of the opportunities that our children have benefitted from over the years.



  Greenacres Farm Park; Underwater Street

  YEAR 1
  Pizza making at Made in Italy Restaurant; Waitrose
  YEAR 2
  Kingswood Activity Centre
  YEAR 3
  Mary Jones World; World Museum
  YEAR 4
  Deva Roman Experience; St Georges Parade
  YEAR 5
  Places of Worship; High School Production; Viking   Experience
  YEAR 6
  Conway Activity Centre



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