Have Fun At Hoole!

We believe that children should be offered the opportunity to extend their participation in a subject and excel beyond the classroom. Our clubs offer children the chance to do this in small group situations.

At the present time, we are unable to provide our usual array of clubs and after school activities. We are committed to reinstating clubs and activities as soon as we can so that pupils of all ages can let their lights shine as footballers, netballers, writers, artists, gymnasts, dancers, gardeners and so on!

We are very lucky at Hoole Church of England Primary School that school staff run many of the clubs and therefore these clubs are offered at no cost. Some clubs however, are provided by outside agencies and may have a charge for a course of sessions.

There are an increasingly wide range of clubs and competitive events which our pupils are encouraged to participate in. Traditional sports such as football, netball and tennis are just a few of the clubs which we offer throughout the year.

For those with a passion for the performing arts, B-it Drama club welcomes children who wish to try out their acting skills or simply gain confidence when making new friends outside the classroom. The School Choir perform during school assemblies and other school celebrations. For our aspiring journalists, Newspaper Club is a popular choice, as is the relaxing Zentangle Club for those wishing to take some time out from their busy days! We also run homework clubs to support the children who wish to complete and discuss their homework in a calm and supportive environment.

Whatever their interests and hobbies, under normal circumstances, there is a club for everyone!

Letters for clubs are sent out each term. Parents can register their children onto the club registration forms on the school website. If your child has been offered a place on the club, you will be sent an email to confirm.

If the club is oversubscribed, names will be picked at random. If your child is not offered a place, they will be put on a waiting list.

Children who attend clubs after school are to be collected promptly from the School Office when the club finishes.


To give you an idea of the clubs we offer under normal circumstances, here is the list from spring term 2020:

· Netball

· Football

· Choir

· School Newspaper

· Dodgeball (Run by PK Sports)

· Year 2-6 Dance (Run by Inspire Street Dance)

· Year 1-2 Mini-tennis (run by Premier Sports - apply for places online at

· Lego (run by The Grove's Church)

· Zentangle

· B-it Drama (run by All Saints' Church)

· Tri-Golf (Run by PGA Professional Scott Anderson)

· Gardening

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