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Robinwood, by Miss Rennocks

Voyager - Codebugs, by Mrs Salisbury

Musical instruments, by Mrs Millington

Singing with Mr Avery, by Mrs Millington

Habitat homes in James, by Mrs Jones

Year 3 botanists, by Mrs Watling

Voyager Viking Day, by Mrs Kelly

TGV Viking Day, by Mrs Salisbury

We say goodbye to Jihu., by Mrs Millington

Phases of the Moon, by Mrs Salisbury

Erupting volcanoes, by Mrs Millington

Investigating Fractions, by Mrs Watling

Science - Finch investigation, by Miss Rennocks

Making Music, by Mrs Millington

Can you make the bulb light?, by Mrs Millington

Evaluation and adaptation, by Mrs Tasker

Maths, by Miss Rennocks

Andy Warhol Art, by Mrs Salisbury

Magnet power, by Mrs Watling

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